Build: Elipsoid Evolution

Build thread by Dennis.
Build: Elipsoid Evolution

I am helping someone to build the Elipsoid Evolution from Reichard Model.
This model is brought in by Mr Pang from
A very beautiful craft glider it goes without saying, Reichard Model planes are all well built.

My challenge should I choose to accept it is to complete the glider in 5 days.

A good fit servo should be HS82 size but client decided to use savox SH-0255MG. A good servo for it’s size and 3.9kg metal gear. This servo being smaller, I had to modify the servo frame.


The aileron servo wells are pretty big so no problem fitting the servo and CA in place. Before CA the servo and frame into the well, center the servo and offset the servo horn forward. This well help to give more aileron throw upwards. Because I am using MG gear, drop a little blue loctite in the horn screw so that it will not unscrew itself after sometime. There this nylon string that helps to thread the servo extension into the wing. A well thought off idea to hide the extension under the leading edge skin so as not to see the ugly extension crossing the ribs. You need about 24″ of servo extension.


Digging out 3 small holes to fit 3 little tongues of the aileron horns. The tongues need to trim abit as I notice it’s longer than the aileron thickness. Didn’t want to dig and penetrate the ailerons. Thick CA drip into the holes and the horn are done. Control rods install and the wings are almost done.


Dry fit the elevator servo for best position. The elevator link rod need to install before gluing down the servo. Be sure to secure the horn, once glued down it won’t be easy to get to the horn.


Fitted the rudder hinge post and test that there are no binding from the elevator link and rudder post. I had to trim the rudder post to get the angle of the linkage.


This is 1 night of work. More to come.


The elevator horn used by some of the Reichard models is a bit unique. Unlike the horns that we are familiar.
Basically it’s a piece of tube that glue direct to the elevator.
I remove some covering and roughen the surface for a good bond.

While waiting for the epoxy to harden, fit up the battery try.


Because we using the savox servo, I had to make another rudder servo tray. The original is too big.


The push pull linkage for the the rudder in place. Check there are no stiffness before gluing in place.


Was able to get a good angle to show the other end of the conduit. A little red dot inside the battery tray.


Mount the mvvs motor also from soaring composite in place and glue down the tray.


Once the glue dried, mounted the rudder servo.


Cut off the conduit to the required length.


Rudder installed.


2 openings at the fuselage wing root for the servo wires and wing hook point.


Wings attached.


Canopy forward mount.